The story starts in 2005 with the decision that I wanted something to drive. My dad had been restoring a 1970 Cooper S, and the theory was that a Midget would share lots of the spare bits that were lying around.

So one was bought, (blind from eBay) for £700 and brought back on a trailer

On closer inspection, all the mechanicals were in pretty good nick, the previous owner was selling it as the welding needed was beyond his expertise. Once off the trailer, it happily drove around the garden before being swallowed by the garage to get it ready for its first MOT under my ownership. This is its story, and I hope you enjoy these pages and find them useful.

In 2010 I completed  Version 1 of the K series conversion. It’s not missed or failed an MOT since then.

Onwards and off we go!

Disclaimer:  If I blow up/crash/have an important bit fall off, it’s my fault.  It is not my fault if you blow up/crash/have an important bit fall off after reading this…