Interior Modifications

The car came with some rather tired vinyl seats, which were OK for about 10 minutes.  I was very fortunate to find a Fiat X1-9 in a local scrap dump that had had an incident with a tree, but it had some really nice Italian leather seats in it, £40 for the pair.

The steering wheel was also replaced with a smaller one so I could steer round my knees (I’m 6’5 and mostly legs – well I was in 2005, now there’s a lot more tummy than there used to be 😦 )

The area where the radio was (it never had one) now has an extra gauge section that I built, because I really like gauges.  It has an ammeter, a voltmeter, a clock, a DIY engine start button made from a drill switch, and a vacuum gauge with a different face on it, that shows BHP (just like the one in a Veyron…) At least it gives the passenger something to watch.

Since that, there have been a few more interior mods.  The steering wheel has got smaller and flatter, as I’ve got fatter. The speedo has been replaced with one from an MGC that goes up to 120mph.

I’ve also fitted MGF seats, from an MGF ‘blue’ version.  They are blue alcantara and black leather, and provide more substantial side support than the X19 seats.  They are bolted directly to the floor, with the seat base modified to drop even more.  The seats have to go in the wrong way round – passenger one becomes driver one so the seat adjusters still adjust.

The seats have been fitted with a roll over bar (an old safety devices one), and clip in 4 point harnesses.  A harness bar has been fitted across the tops of the wheelarches with big spreader plates under the wheelarch.  The original seatbelts are still in, because frankly the 4 point harnesses are a pain for road use, doing them up properly means you can’t really do over the shoulder checks…