Fuel System

As this is a fuel injected engine, the fuel rail needs to be at a high enough pressure to ensure the injectors inject and don’t just dribble.  The original SU pump is not man enough for this job as it can’t pump enough fuel when the engine gets going faster.  As there are no float chambers in this injection system, any interruption in the fuel flow makes for stalling and rough running.  I have used a High Pressure (HP) pump from a Vauxhall Cavalier on a recommendation.  This has a filter between it and the tank, and a filter between it and the injectors.  The pre pump filter is a Cavalier filter to match the pump; the pre injector filter is the original from the Rover and is mounted on the pedal box cover at the front of the car.  Whichever pump is used; it needs to provide at least 3 bar, as this is what the pressure regulator is set to on the fuel rail.  The return enters the filler pipe at the back of the car using an old clutch pipe fitting.

The system as it is now goes:

The pump and pre-pump filter are mounted on the rear bulkhead.

This system has no capacity for smooth running if the supply is interrupted, for example during exuberant cornering with not much fuel in the car.  A swirl pot is the answer.  If you want one, build it like this:

Use the Midget’s LP SU pump to feed the swirlpot.  I don’t have this, as I wanted the car done.  If the fuel surge seems to be a big problem, then I’ll add one in.  Space is a bit of an issue but it will fit if packaged as per diagram, even with the rear telescopic shocks trying to get in the same space.