Track Days

It’s the fault of peer pressure.  I was convinced to get on a track day by the other K-series car owners who regularly get up to this sort of thing.  Castle Combe was the venue of choice for the first on-track foray.  After a nervous start I got a bit more used to it, but without giving 100%.  That would be reserved for my local track, Croft.

I’ve been to Croft twice, both on the Uniroyal Tyres.  It’s a great circuit. The first track day was excellent, but set the rear brakes on fire.  The second one was better, but burst an oil seal, flattened the exhaust after a slight excursion,  ruined a crownwheel, and turned the rear drums blue.  Still great fun though!

Next up was Anglesey Circuit, a really really nice track.  Not a million miles away and after the purchase of a trailer and a car to tow it with a much more relaxed way of attending. This involved the use of the new Nangkang Track tyres, which are LOADS better than the Uniroyals, I did suffer another hub seal failure and another dead crownwheel.  Hopefully that’s fixed now, because these Track days are addictive.